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Pete Murphy, a long-time NEMCA member, and good friend to many of us in the local bicycle racing community, passed away due to an accident during the New England Time Trial Championships this past Saturday, 8/15/2015.  Anyone wishing to make a donation to NEMCA to support our association's mission in honor and memory of Pete Murphy can use this link:

 Pete Murphy memorial fund

 This is the obituary that appeared today in the Hartford Courant: 

It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the death of our father, grandfather, husband, brother, and friend Peter J. Murphy. 

A long-time resident of Glastonbury and Old Lyme, Pete was born in Middletown, CT on August 30, 1934 to the late Elizabeth and William Murphy of Portland, CT.  He grew up with his brother Paul and Aunt Peggy, and was fortunate to share Fairview Street with his friends and relatives, the Hetzel’s and the Nolan’s.

Pete attended Portland High School and St. Michael’s College in Winooski, VT where he studied Mathematics. Following college, he started his career at Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, where he met his wife Mary.  He went on to a long and successful career in the field of Computer Science at the Travelers Insurance Company.  Pete was fascinated by his work and was privileged to meet and work with many pioneers in the industry.

A lifelong athlete, Pete was an avid tennis player, runner, and most recently a competitive cyclist.  He threw himself into cycling fully after his retirement from the Travelers. Pete had a stellar career as a Masters cyclist.  His accomplishments were many; the following are a few of the highlights and memorable rides: National Champion-Time Trial, 2015 National Senior Games- Time Trial Gold Medal, two-time age group record holder for the Mt. Washington Hill Climb, Vermont Grand Fondo, D2R2, BUMPS Hill Climb Series, MCRA Champion, and Mt. Evans Hill Climb. Along the way, Pete became a top-notch bike mechanic, licensed coach, and mentor to many in the sport. Our family would like to thank the members of the cycling community for their friendship over the years and their support during this time.

For all those accomplishments, it was as a father and grandfather that Pete truly shined.  He and Mary were the ultimate fans; they traveled throughout the Northeast to see their children and grandchildren compete in all types of athletic events. This included bike racing, of course, but Pete was equally thrilled to ride with his grandchildren to visit the Old Grey Mare or to feed the ducks in Essex. Pete had a boundless supply of energy and good humor, and developed a sense of patience on July 19, 1992, with the birth of his first grandchild. We will always remember his tremendous work ethic and strong loyalty to his family.  

Pete is survived by Mary, his wife of 55 years, his brother Paul and wife Jay, and his four children and their spouses: Mike and Christine Murphy,  Jack and Jennifer Murphy,  Cindy and Jay Harasyko,  and Kristen and Kevin Lynch.  Pete also leaves his 14 beloved grandchildren: Sam, Liam and Jack Murphy; Kate, Molly, Maggie and Johnny Murphy; Peter, Billy, Shane and Jake Harasyko; Ryan, Tyler and Jesse Lynch. 

We miss you Pa; 80 years was not enough.

We will celebrate Pete’s life at St. Dunstan’s Church in Glastonbury on Friday, August 21st at 10am. Remembrances and a reception at the church will follow the service. Riders are welcome to wear a favorite cycling jersey in tribute to Pete.

In lieu of flowers please feel free to make a donation to the charity of your choice.

Welcome to the home of masters' competitive cycling in New England


Cycling - A Sport for Everyone


Cycling is an activity everyone can enjoy, whether taking the kids to the local park, cruising along a country road with friends, entering a local bicycle race or competing at the highest level. But it’s not just for the young.


According to USA Cycling, a growing number of men and women over the age of 35 are actively involved in competitive cycling all across the country, increasing from 59% of membership (or 41,000) in 2010 to nearly 62% (or 46,000) in 2012.



                                                       Current USACycling Active Member Demographics 

        35-44            45-54              25-34          19-24              55-64           10-18            65-74     0-9             75-89            90+
     17800(27%)  15346(23%)   13046(20%)   6071(9%)     5514(8%)   4945(7%)   1013(1%)    254(<1%) 113(<1%)  4(<1%)



Who are we?


Northeast Masters Cycling Association (NEMCA) was formed in 2011 to serve the interests of masters in New England and to actively promote their opportunities in competitive cycling. We do this by:


  • directly sponsoring races specifically for masters
  • conducting skills clinics
  • mentoring
  • creating incentives for promoters to include masters categories in their events
  • helping regional masters multi-sport organizations promote high-quality bicycle races
  • serving as an advocate for masters competitive cyclists in New England


Our sole mission is to promote competitive cycling for riders between the ages of 35 and 80. To further that mission, all revenues secured through our activities, including events, membership fees, donations and grants are re-invested to further masters bicycle racing in the region.


Experienced masters to new comers


At NEMCA, we recognize that cyclists over the age of 35 who are new to the sport have some very difficult challenges.


Cat 5 masters (men) who have just entered the sport most often have only one option when it comes to racing; compete in very large fields against riders that are twenty years younger. Slightly more experienced Cat 4 masters (men) have two choices; compete in very large fields against riders that are twenty years younger or compete in very large fields against riders who forgot to get slower as they accumulated decades of top level racing experience.  In short, entry level masters face a huge wall at the beginning of their racing career. While we work to maximize the opportunities for experienced masters, we also want to ensure that our new comers are given every chance to reach their potential.


To ensure this, NEMCA:
  • offers incentives to promoters to include races specifically for Cat 4 and 5 masters
  • includes specific races for Cat 4 and 5 masters in all events that we promote or help to promote
  • includes categories for Cat 4 and 5 masters in the NEMCA Championship Series
  • conducts seminars and clinics designed to hone the skills of Cat 4 and 5 masters
  • serves as an advocate for Cat 4 and 5 masters in New England

 The NEMCA Championship Series


Competing in masters cycling events can be a hugely fulfilling experience, but it’s not easy to make your mark. NEMCA established the Northeast Masters Championship Series as a means to recognize and award the performance of members that compete in designated bicycle races.


The series currently consists of as many as 15 (depending on the NEMCA category) specially selected road races, criteriums and time trials in New England that are friendly to NEMCA's 22 competitor categories. At the end of the season, awards are presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each NEMCA category


Men’s NEMCA Categories              Women’s NEMCA Categories

35-39 Cat 1-3                                        35-39 Cat 1-4

40-44 Cat 1-3                                        40-44 Cat 1-4

45-49 Cat 1-3                                        45-49 Cat 1-4

50-54 Cat 1-3                                        50-54 Cat 1-4

55-59 Cat 1-3                                        55-59 Cat 1-4

60-64 Cat 1-5                                        60-64 Cat 1-4

65-69 Cat 1-5                                        65-69 Cat 1-4

70-74 Cat 1-5                                        70-74 Cat 1-4

75-79 Cat 1-5                                        75-79 Cat 1-4

45+ Cat 4  

55+ Cat 4  

45+ Cat 5 

55+ Cat 5 

Join NEMCA Today!


If you’ are between the ages of 35 and 80, NEMCA opens the door to a world of cycling that provides something truly fulfilling, from the comradeship of masters everywhere to the thrill of athletic achievement. To join our growing ranks, simply fill out the online application at Member Signup / Information.


Remember, NEMCA is here to help you get the most from the sport you love. So, let us help you on your way.









2015 Northeast Masters Cycling Association Board of Directors

President: Mitch Favreau
Vice President: Dave Burnett
Treasurer: Grace Vandal
Secretary: June Froh
Board Member at Large: John Auer
Board Member at Large: Lynn Cochrane
Board Member at Large: Dave Reed

Member USA Cycling                        Member New England Bicycle Racing Association